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Jun — Jul 2021

OVERVIEW — specializes in boutique mechanical keyboard PCBs and housings and wanted an identity that made them stand out in the growing mechanical keyboard market.


Mechanical keyboards are becoming more popular than ever, especially ones with more unique & ergonomic key placements. With this boom in different companies popping up, wanted something that looked unique but also something that looked like it could stand the test of time.


Create an identity that makes look like they have been around for many years, a 'modern-retro' look that comes off as classy and corporate but also fun and approachable, while avoiding the pitfalls of the more edgy 'gamer' branding that is present in a lot of the market.
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— 01/04

My only restriction here was the color palette, which from the jump had to revolve around that golden yellow. I found a lot of inspiration in defunct tech company logos and corporate branding of the era, as I wanted to lean into an identity that looked like it had been around for awhile but still had a modern feel, like a classic Herb Lubalin or Saul Bass logo.
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— 02/04

I focused first on the logo mark, which is a stylized 'S' with a keyswitch stem running through the middle. My goal with the logo was to make it look identical if it was facing you or away from you, while also having a sense of depth. The wordmark is custom but based on the font 'Audiowide', which gives it a late 80's vibe while also looking clean and modern. Instead of going with stark blacks and whites, I decided to pair the golden yellow with a cream off-white and a brownish black, making the logos look a bit like something you'd find on a computer box you unearthed in your parents attic.
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— 03/04

Along with the branding, I was also tasked with creating the logo and packaging for their first product, the Ziggurat ergonomic keyboard PCB. The Ziggurat logo is based around a classic ziggurat shape, with each layer representing a different sized modifier key.
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— 04/04

Creating an identity that will extend to physical products always has it's unique share of challenges, but being able to help create a unique brand in a growing market has been very fulfilling and one of my most fun projects to date.

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