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Nov 2021 — Jan 2022


Reelr is a mobile app that exists as a standalone solution to movie ticket purchasing that eliminates a lot of the stress and hassle of the other competitors.


I conducted 6 interviews with a broad group of users who represented different ends of the market. A primary user group identified through user research was working adults who want the stress-free convenience of ordering a movie ticket ahead of time with little to no added fees. 
The user group confirmed the assumptions that working adults would rather order their tickets ahead of time instead of standing in line. Other users indicated they wanted digital tickets in Apple Pay instead of barcodes, no added convenience fees, and seating choices so they don’t have to rush to pick a seat.


Create a movie ticketing app that allows users to order tickets on a mobile device that is quick, easy, and convenient
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— 01/04

I conducted several rounds of user interviews and found that most of the users wanted a clean and easy to use interface that allowed them to purchase tickets without the hassle other competitors had given them in the past, digital ticketing, and easy Apple Wallet integration. 'I want to skip the lines' is a phrase I heard more than any other. I created a round of paper, and then digital wireframes to map out the flow of my app and the user journey. After creating digital prototypes, I conducted a few rounds usability testing to make sure the basic user flow felt good. My initial findings were that users wanted an easier way to select the amount of tickets, that users felt the sign-in screen felt antithetical to the direction behind the app, and that users wanted more payment options. After this round of feedback and tweaking, I moved onto creating the visual design system behind the app.
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— 02/04

After my rounds of usability testing and user feedback, I transitioned from low fidelity to high fidelity, developing a design system to bring our mobile app to life. I spent a ton of time here iterating and making small tweaks until I finally come up with a solution I thought worked best. Our primary brand color is purple, with neutral whites, grays, and blacks making up the rest of the spectrum. Earlier on the purple was featured much more heavily but was dialed back significantly to cut down on the visual clutter, and now exists primarily as a call to action button. Through this process I continued to do usability testing to make sure my intended users pain points were addressed at every turn, and I continued to make further improvements to the user experience of the app to better help users complete the intended user flow of purchasing tickets.
Reelr Logo Guide
Reelr Logo Explanation
Reelr Design System
High Fidelity prototypes
Animated app prototypes
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— 03/04

Final deliverables included a functioning prototype of the app, the design system and visual identity for the app, and animated interactions to demonstrate a typical user flow for purchasing a ticket within the app.
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— 04/04

While working on Reelr, I realized that my first mockups were missing the mark on a few key areas that would have created real issues down the line. Frequent user testing allowed me to go back and adjust these mistakes and make the app much more usable and visually pleasing. This feedback proved invaluable to improving the app in many ways both large and small.

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