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Sept 2020


Mama Crochetti is the online persona of a skilled crocheter who just so happens to also be my wife. As a skilled creative person with a very keen eye, she had a vague vision of what she wanted in an identity and certain restraints I had to stick to. This branding would be used for all of her social media accounts where she shares her latest projects, tips, and patterns. It would also be used for her Etsy store, and one day her own standalone web store.


Most Etsy stores and craft-related brands have pretty safe and sometimes boring branding. How do you create an identity that appeals to a younger target market while also catches the attention in a sea of other similar online shops?


Create a set of logos that are fun, bright, and whimsical while also looking quality and professional, despite all of the projects being hand-made.
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— 01/04

I explored a few options, but from the get-go I had a pretty good idea of the direction I wanted to take. I wanted the wordmark to have a yarnlike quality, but didn't want it to look like a literal strand of yarn as that wouldn't look great at small sizes. Because this identity would be for an Etsy store, I knew I wanted to create a dynamic system of logos that could be used interchangeably and for various different use cases.
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— 02/04

I handled the wordmark first, and when creating it I stumbled upon substituting the crossbars of the T's with a crochet hook to create an interesting looking ligature that added a lot of visual interest. After that, I created a few different shaped yarn ball icons that could be used as stickers or labels. I also created a circular badge and a monogram that could be used for possible loop labels or for smaller sized logo executions.
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— 03/04

The completed logo package included various wordmark in horizontal and vertical formats, a monogram logo, a seal badge, 3 different yarn icons, and a crochet hook repeating pattern. Beyond logo exploration, I also did some packaging design for mailers, labels, packing inserts, as well as web content for the Etsy store.
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— 04/04

As with a lot of projects we may take on for family and friends, this undertaking was very tricky. We want it to be extra special so there's always a bit of added pressure. On top of that, my wife has a great eye for design and was very specific with how she wanted everything to look. After a few tweaks here and there, we landed on a solution that we are both very proud of. The branding has gone on to be my most viewed work on Dribbble, and constantly gets praise from her customers. It's always refreshing to work on a passion project for the people you care about to help recenter your priorities and feel good about it.

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