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Feb 2021


Launch Lab specializes in custom 3D fabricated fingerboard ramps and accessories. They came to me with a vision of the brand and let me have creative freedom to create a story for how to separate them from other competitors in the revitalized fingerboard market.


Fingerboarding is a growing hobby being revitalized by very dedicated craftsmen, making huge fabricated wooden ramps and custom-made boards. How can you introduce a new competitor into the mix who focuses on 3D printed materials for greater durability, and also portability?


Create a unique identity that resonates with fingerboarders and also hints at the brands goal of making ramps and accessories that are easy and cheap to produce at large quantities while also being able to take a beating.
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— 01/04

One of the original directions I explored was leaning heavily into the fact that the ramps were 3D printed, so I wanted to really hammer that home with the name. We tried out a few until we landed on 'Launch Lab', evoking imagery of these ramps and accessories being made in a NASA-like laboratory somewhere. Launch Lab wanted to print all of these ramps using a white PLA filament, so this also helped tie into the sterile and clean lab inspired visuals.
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— 02/04

I ran with the Launch Lab backstory and fleshed it out a bit, taking inspiration from space program brand bibles, and fictional logos from sci-fi video games like Destiny and Halo. We settled on adding the tagline 'Fingerboard Research Group' to add more flavor and make it seem like it was more an official laboratory. We also added the latin word for fingerboard in the seal, 'Digitus Manus Tabula'.
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— 03/04

Along with all the logo work, I helped create packaging for a few of the products for sale on the store, as well as a standalone mark for the Atlas Kicker ramp. Logos are debossed on all of the ramps base.
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— 04/04

Creating a unique brand story in a niche market is always interesting because you have to do competitive audits into a lot of smaller stores and one-man-shops with varying degrees of quality. When a company can start off on the right foot with a professional looking brand, it can make an instantaneous impact and help them plant their flag in the market.

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