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Jun — July 2021


CD-ROMantix is an electronic musician from Pennsylvania that specializes in synthwave. Their dark and grimey sound is influenced by 80's movie and videogame soundtracks, Daft Punk, Waveshaper, Carpenter Brut, and others.


I designed their original logo in 2016 when their sound was more 80's era focused, and the branding was designed to look authentically 80's. Since then, their music had evolved to be a bit more hi-fi, incorporating more of an early 90's vibe as that wave of nostalgia starts to take hold on the current generation. With this new sound, it seemed obvious to give the identity a fresh coat of paint.


The original logo was meant to look like it was made in the mid 80's. This new logo should be made from the perspective of 'how would this band refresh their look for the 90's to keep up with the times?'. Less casette, more VHS.

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— 01/04

I did a lot of reference here to try and settle on a theme and era. Everything from electronics logos to late 90's era branding powerhouse Designers Republic (WipEout, Aphex Twin, etc). We settled on something that felt more mid 90s, and something you might see on the side of a blank VHS box.
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— 02/04

The old logo was too squared off and presented difficulty to some when trying to read it. Rounding out some of the characters was the easiest decision to make it not only more legible, but also look more era appropriate. The typeface is a custom font based on multiple different era specific logos and typefaces. We kept the icon pretty close to how it originally was, but just cleaned up a lot of the lines and made the 'reflection' a bit more readable.
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— 03/04

Final deliverables for this project included the updated branding, some promotional material, and future album and single covers to be released at a later date
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— 04/04

I always have a really fun time working on projects that are music related, even moreso when I can craft an interesting story around the brand and make it era specific. Coming up with a 'cool-looking' logo is always fun, but being able to lean into a concept and execute on it is all the more worthwhile.

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