I've created a wide variety of work. Here's most of the good stuff.

This is where everything that doesn't really need a full case study goes. Whether it be older projects, quick one-off logos, smaller scale jobs, or some of my older promotional photography work, this is a nice little gallery where you can see the variety of work I've created at a glance.
Zephyr Ice logo sheetPoster including MLS soccer badges for the Club Scouts seriesPromotional photograph for the band Four Year StrongLabel illustration for 'Copper John Scotch Ale', a locally produced beer in Colorado. Label includes a dog in front of a mountain range featuring a copper john fly fishing lureGrunge wordmark for the rapper 'Eruza Five'Logo exploration for the ISP Wavefly, including a mockup of a potential van wrapFictional Star Fox space mission patchLogo seal for Vincent Caravella, a woodworker and electronic enthusiastPromotional photo of the band 'Dionaea'Photo of printed fictional space patch stickers, sold on my personal webstoreVarsity Jackets album cover for their self-titled EP. Features their logo spray painted on a set on lockersDifferent angles of a cycling kit made for the bicycling subreddit page, won in a fan vote in 2014Closeup of Stevens 2.0 icon, an S and 2 with a star in the middlePromotional photograph for the band Wailing WatersLogo for Haute Sauce Branding, a designerPackaging for ice cream cups for the shave ice store, Zephyr IceLogo exploration for the Twitch streamer UltrasiqAlbum artwork for the band CD-ROMantix's debut album, Apparitions of YesteryearFicitional space patch for the lunar mission Apollo 8Promotional photo of Sierra Kay of the band VersaLittle Mountain Cakes logo lockupMini site concept for the album 'Palms' by the band Thrice TurnLeftist icon, a black arrow pointing left in the shape of a 'T' surrounded by a red circlePromotional photograph for the band 'Oh, Great City'T-shirt for website 'Giant Bomb'. Graphic includes an Earthshaker pinball machine being carted on a magnetic handcart, an inside joke from the podcast 'The Giant Bombcast'Branding for DFS MasterLogo design for the Twitch streamer Mr. Gh0stman, features a custom wordmark and illustration of a grim reaper with ethereal mist coming from head and eyesLogo treatments for the eSports team Stevens 2.0Alternative wordmark for the rapper 'Eruza Five'TurnLeftist Twitch wordmark. Features the name as well as two arrows turning left in an oval, representing what you do on an oval race trackBadge for D.C. United, part of the Club Scouts badge design seriesLogo and wordmark for the Twitch streamer Synq. Features an S in a semi-enclosed circlePromotional photography for Born Of OsirisVarious t-shirts made for ReebokSignage for Zephyr Ice, a Shave Ice and Ice Cream shop in Portland, MaineStinger transition for the Twitch streamer UltrasiqPromotional photograph for the band GrimusLogo for Twitch streamer 4WideGamingPromotional photograph of the band Upon A Burning BodyMonogram for the bakery Little Mountain Cakes, features an interlocking L, M and C in a squircleLogo and wordmark for the badge design series Club ScoutsFictional space patch for the Nostromo ship from the horror movie, Alien
Brian Folchetti
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